Training camp with Team Gurumu

15. september 2015, 11.53

First of all, I have been to many camps in different countries. Has been dealing with a lot of fantastic coaches throughout my Taekwondo Experience.

But one will be one of the most memorable will be the trip to London and Team Gurumu.

Its not that we had to overcome a lot of struggles with passports, airplanes delayed, traffic jams, loss of a suitcase, rebooking flights, but how we were welcomed and treated by our hosts. Sir Siva and his team made sure, that we got most out of our stay. Their hospitality was tremendous, and I think both Laila and me together with our team didn't feel like we were somewhere else, but in our own club. We're grateful and for sure this will not be the last time we will have such an event.

Apart from this, there was a lot of learning - both the similarities in mentality, way of training methods, but also the differences that gave a lot of knowledge. It was really nice to see the kids blending with each other - if someone from outside would have come, no one would have noticed it was two teams.

Talking with the team afterwards they agreed that this was a fantastic event, and we will of course welcome our new friends to Denmark as well some day.

Sir Siva in action.

Team having fun - didnt get the game :) - maybe im too old.